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이성린___________________Inner ______Lost__________________Child.

Endless Moments

11 May
External Services:
  • lee_sung_rin@livejournal.com
Username: Lee Sung Rin
Real Name: Camila
Age: 19
Ethnicity/Background: Spanish
Location: Santiago / Chile
Korean: 1tym, 2shai, bi rain, big bang, bin (jeon hyebin), fly to the sky, group s, h.o.t, ivy, jang woo hyuk, jinusean, kangta & vanness, kim jong kook, koyote, lee seung gi, lexy, m(minwoo), moogadang, se7en, shim eun jin, shinhwa, super junior, the trax, tim, tony ahn, tvxq,

Japanese: +d'espairsrays+, aioria, aliene ma'riage, amadeus, anti - kranke, baroque, da'vid shito al, dead pop stars, deadman, dear loving, dir en grey, duel jewel, feel, glay, guniw tools, hide, hirai ken, hyde, janne da arc, kagerou, kagrra, kilhi+ice, l'arc~en~ciel, lareine, madeth gray'll, malice mizer, merry, metronome, miyavi, nookicky, orivia, phobia, pierrot, plastic tree, porno graffiti, psycho le cemu, raphael, shazna, soap, the brilliant green, tommy february6(heavenly6), velvet eden, xjapan, zi:kill.

Chinese: jay chow, nicholas tse, vanness wu, stephen fung,

Western: aerosmith, black eyed peas, christopher o'riley, guns and roses, lacuna coil, placebo, smashing pumpkins, usher, air,

Latinos: cristina y los subterraneos, juan luis guerra, los tres, soda stereo, sin bandera (they're FTTS latin's version XD!), alex,

Fave Movies: Nightmare before Xmas, Gen X Cops, The King and the Clown, Shrek, Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Sworfish, Cruel Intentions, Butterfly's effect, Tae Guk Ki, Battle Royal, Johnny Deep's movies, and a lot of Chinese movies.. but i don't remember their names xD!
Online Blogs, Sites, etc: Livejournal | Fotolog | My Gallery Beta test in Galeon (only spanish)
Random: Uhhhhh... I really love drawing and listening music, and i really love cooking.
What i do: Actually, i'm an university student.. i study Law in Finis Terrae University n_n But my 2nd favorite career and second choise is Spanish - English - others languages translation... and my 3th favorite career would be kindergarden's teacher.
Ehm, what else? xD! I don't know!!! See you later!

Kang In x Sung Min My Favorite Suju pairing [RPS Rulz xD!]


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